Do I need to seek emergency dental care near me for a missing crown or filling?

seek emergency dental care near me for a missing crown or filling

For years, amalgam was the most common material used for dental fillings. You can tell if you have an amalgam filling by its silver color. Teeth that are particularly weak, possibly due to trauma or advanced decay may need a crown, which can strengthen and stabilize the tooth. Both of these restorations are common and while the majority of people don’t experience problems with them, there are situations that can cause either a filling or crown to loosen or fall out.

The good news is that with prompt treatment from an emergency dentist near you, the situation can be handled.

Typically, when a filling or crown falls out, there is no need to worry about it affecting the tooth’s structure. The issue is that the exposure of the tooth can cause the patient pain or increased sensitivity. Even if there are no symptoms, it’s important to seek immediate dental care to make sure there is no further damage to the tooth. By following a few simple steps after the loss of a crown or filling, you can ensure the situation is handled quickly and efficiently.

  1. For pain, the use of over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate symptoms while waiting for dental care.
  2. If a crown is lost, it can often be placed over the tooth structure while waiting to be seen by the dentist. Just make sure to thoroughly clean it out and use temporary dental cement or denture adhesive that you can find at the pharmacy.
  3. Call your Corona area dentist immediately, explain the situation, and ask for the first available appointment.

During your emergency appointment, the dentist will assess the situation and the underlying cause for the missing restoration and then fix it with a replacement filling or crown.

At Quincy Smile center, providing emergency dental care for our patients is an important part of our practice. If you are ready for dental care that is there for you anytime you need it, call us today.

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