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I am trusted throughout the Quincy, MA area for expertise in “big problem” dentistry. What are the biggest problems I see in patients who are unhappy with conventional full dentures, or for the individual faced with extractions? Artificial appearance and unstable fit. You want comfortable dentures! You want people to notice your natural smile – not your dental prosthetics! As one of a small percentage of dentists (only four in this state) trained and experienced in the Geneva 2000 system, I solve these problems beautifully.

What sets Geneva 2000 full dentures apart in Quincy, MA

The Geneva concepts focuses on facial qualities of the patient for exceptional customization. It starts with a precise technique for taking oral measurement to determine aesthetic factors such as ideal tooth shape and length, and proportion of pink gum tissue to white teeth.

Then, overall design is tailored to your:

  • Gender (selection and placement of anterior teeth makes a big difference in how feminine or masculine the smile appears)
  • Personality
  • Age

Through one-at-a-time placement of each tooth, designed and fabricated from lustrous porcelain to exacting standards, the Geneva technique culminates in utterly unique dentures made just for you.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D., P.C.
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“When I came to Dr. Matarazzo in 1994, I already knew I needed a whole new mouth. I just wasn’t ready to act. Dr. Steve helped me maintain what I had until I was ready. I just completed treatment and I can’t believe the way I look and feel. For the first time I can remember, my mouth feels like my own. I can chew anything and everything feels like it’s in the right place. The only problem I have now is listening to Dr. Steve tell me how great he’s made me look.”

Superior function as well as natural look

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The fit of Geneva 2000™ Smile Design Dentures is as stunning as the appearance. You will not need adhesive paste or powder to stabilize your dentures, and you won’t have sore spots. With this level of comfort in eating, and confidence in speaking and smiling, you just might forget you are wearing dentures.

More than four decades ago, the Swissdent Foundation developed the AutoCentric Occlusion approach. This proprietary method of design results in a lower denture with greatly improved stability. Because it remains securely in place (without dental implants), there is reduced bone loss in the lower jaw, as can occur with poor-fitting dentures, or other complications. A better fitting lower denture simply results in greater function and ease in speaking and eating. When you consider Geneva 2000 dentures cost, think about the quality of life you deserve – it comes with a premium quality denture that embodies exceptional aesthetics, stability, and comfort. Then call me, Dr. Stephen Matarazzo at (617) 405-3939 in Quincy, MA.

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