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Implant Dentistry Procedure, Quincy

Get a healthy mouth and attractive smile with Implant Dentistry in Quincy

No one wants dental implants, but everyone wants a healthy mouth, an attractive smile, and the ability to chew properly without pain. Implant dentistry helps many Quincy-area patients achieve those goals.

Are dental implants right for you?

The key to determining the best treatment plan is a clear understanding of your needs:

  • What problems are you experiencing?
  • What are your concerns and fears?
  • What are your specific goals?
  • What is your timeframe?
  • What is your budget?

Dental Implants - Before / After Pictures

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I help you decide if dental implants are appropriate, whether you are missing one tooth, a few teeth, many teeth, or all of your teeth. If your existing natural teeth are so bad that you are tired of wasting time and money to have them fixed, there is hope. I can help you!

What Our Patients Say About Us

Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D., P.C.
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“Dr. Steve has been my dentist since 1997. My appearance is important to my success, and I just like to “look good”. Dr. Steve always tells me, “Mark, you’re our best dressed patient!” Dr. Steve gave me the choice to be in control of my dental health. Growing up, I had no choices. I like being able to correct my dental problems from the past. Dr. Steve is the best!”

I spent most of my life passionately studying all aspects of complex, “big problem” dentistry. After 30 years, it isn’t complex for me. You probably don’t know what you need, but you certainly know if you have a disaster in your mouth. I lay out your options with and without dental implants. 

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When good teeth go bad

When you were growing up, maybe your parents did the best they could for you but couldn’t afford top quality dentistry. Maybe your teeth were just pulled. Maybe you went to dentists who didn’t care, didn’t know, or both. Maybe your brothers and sisters got the good smiles, and you were born with “soft” teeth. Or maybe you have congenitally missing permanent teeth. Whatever the combination of causes, I can help. I have never met a patient with big problems that I can’t help. Every patient is unique, and there is no one solution that fits all mouths. I will be your guide on how to proceed for a healthy mouth and body.

Implant dentistry is what I love to do. Call my Quincy office at (617) 405-3939. 

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