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Predictable solutions for Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Quincy

Do you feel like your mouth is an embarrassing disaster, with teeth that are worn down, badly decayed, loose, falling out, broken, or missing? I can help! Since I graduated from Tufts Dental School in 1978, I have focused on solving these problems with predictable results. I have never met a patient with significant dental problems that I can’t resolve through full mouth rehabilitation at my Quincy office.

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Causes of discouraging dental experiences

Have you spent a great deal of money on dentistry that failed, leaving you feeling upset and defeated? I believe that most dentists want to do a good job, but many things get in the way of successful results:

  • Poor planning.
  • Poor delivery of services.
  • Lack of experience.
  • Poor attitude of the dentist.
  • Partnering with a cheaper, off-shore lab with hundreds of unsupervised techs.
  • A high volume business model to bring in more patients and more insurance, with less time in the chair.
  • Limitations of insurance plans, PPOs, and HMOs.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D., P.C.
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Executive Testimonials!

“I have found working with executives and their spouses, to be fascinating. I have learned that what executives want, is exactly what I can give them. Executives have already learned the “power” of their presence. They have already learned that looking healthy, successful, and confident are key items to success. They don’t need me to convince them. They also don’t want anyone to waste their time. We develop a plan to restore, rejuvenate, and rebuild their mouth in such a way to minimize the time and visits to accomplish their goals. We work with them to accomplish much more in fewer treatments with less total time. They love it, and I love it. I get to provide “Dentistry at its finest” the way it should be provided. The treatment is designed for ideal results which always lasts the longest. They are saving time for the rest of their lives, because the dentistry is done ideally. I haven’t met an executive yet that wasn’t thrilled with the results and the entire process. Once they see what “Dentistry at its finest” has given them, they want their spouses to look and feel their best too.”

Procedures at Dr. Stephen Matarazzo, Quincy

The Matarazzo difference

My small, niche practice is the opposite of these factors. I focus on full mouth rehabilitation, smile make-oversimplant dentistry, and full dentures. With excellent planning and exquisite delivery, I arrive at a solution that solves your problems for the long haul. Treatment is painless, and I offer the option of oral conscious sedation.

We spend a lot of time getting to know our patients – who you are, what is important in your life, and how significant your dental problems are. Except in an emergency situation, no treatment starts until you and I have a clear vision of the final result.

It is time to stop looking in the rearview mirror, and drive confidently toward the future you deserve, with a great smile and comfortable, pain-free eating. I look forward to meeting you for a full mouth rehabilitation consultation. My number in Quincy is (617) 405-3939.

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