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300 Crown Colony Drive, Quincy, MA 02169

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“I have been looking for a good cosmetic dentist for awhile and found that in Dr. Stephen Matarazzo and his staff. He gave me back my smile and self-confidence. I appreciate everything that he and his office have done for me . I look forward to each and every visit because i know that I will be treated with professional and friendly service.”


“My name is Carmen Quinonez and I am a patient of Dr. Matarazzo. I really have no words to describe my gratitude towards Dr. Matarazzo. He has changed my life and given my self-esteem a boost. I cannot believe that I had gone through my life with a broken smile, my teeth were pretty bad. When I first came to Dr. Matarazzo, it seemed that my teeth were beyond repair. Well, Dr. Matarazzo just took charge. He took ‘e a new smile right there and then. I cannot find the words to thank him for the way he cared about me. I thank God for the person that recommended Dr. Matarazzo to me. Dr. Matarazzo has put a permanent smile on my face. Thank God for dentists like Dr. Matarazzo. The world would be a better place if there were more like him.”


“Notice to “chickens” everywhere- you no longer need to fear the dental chair. There’s a brand new advancement called oral sedation that will rock your phobic dental world. Trust me; I was the BIGGEST CHICKEN in the continental U.S., but not anymore. I have now undergone root canals, crowns, fillings, and the nastiest procedure of all, oral surgery, without fear, panic, or pain. This new medicine rocks and of course so does my dentist, Dr. Steve.”


“One day my grandchildren asked me why my teeth looked so yellow and green. I was devastated. I knew they didn’t look good, but when I really looked, I couldn’t believe how bad they had really gotten. I knew I didn’t want them to remember their grandmother with bad-looking teeth. Dr. Matarazzo gave me a beautiful smile. Now my grandchildren tell me how beautiful my smile is. As a matter of fact, everywhere I go, people compliment me on my smile. My smile is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself”


“I have a very active lifestyle. Between flying, dog sledding, and mountain climbing, I can’t experience problems with my teeth. Dr. Steve has rehabilitated my entire mouth. My smile is so strong, that my front teeth were hit directly with a hockey puck. Not one porcelain crown broke. Not one tooth fractured under the crowns. My smile is as awesome as the day Dr. Steve finished it. Thanks Dr. Steve!”


“When I came to Dr. Matarazzo in 1994, I already knew I needed a whole new mouth. I just wasn’t ready to act. Dr. Steve helped me maintain what I had until I was ready. I just completed treatment and I can’t believe the way I look and feel. For the first time I can remember, my mouth feels like my own. I can chew anything and everything feels like it’s in the right place. The only problem I have now is listening to Dr. Steve tell me how great he’s made me look.”


“I am a dentist on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. I know Dr. M for over 10 years and we graduated from the same school. Dr. M is an amazingly caring person. He puts his all in every person in his care and has special expertise in more challenging situations such as implants and dentures, things most dentists do not. He always longs to improve his skills and take courses to learn the latest innovations that can help his patients. I would trust Dr. M”


“I had a great experience. Would recommend quincy smile center to anyone. Great people great service. Quick and painless.”


“I have found working with executives and their spouses, to be fascinating. I have learned that what executives want, is exactly what I can give them. Executives have already learned the “power” of their presence. They have already learned that looking healthy, successful, and confident are key items to success. They don’t need me to convince them. They also don’t want anyone to waste their time. We develop a plan to restore, rejuvenate, and rebuild their mouth in such a way to minimize the time and visits to accomplish their goals. We work with them to accomplish much more in fewer treatments with less total time. They love it, and I love it. I get to provide “Dentistry at its finest” the way it should be provided. The treatment is designed for ideal results which always lasts the longest. They are saving time for the rest of their lives, because the dentistry is done ideally. I haven’t met an executive yet that wasn’t thrilled with the results and the entire process. Once they see what “Dentistry at its finest” has given them, they want their spouses to look and feel their best too.”


“For years, I have suffered a severe fear of dentists which has caused me great anxiety, even just showing up for an appointment. As a result, my teeth, gums, and overall health have deteriorated throughout the years to the point where now I may even lose my teeth. Your patience with my fears and your willingness to listen to my concerns has given me a new perspective on visiting the dentist. Your explanations as to how we will deal with, not only the medical treatment, but also the cosmetic results have been most important. The fact that I came back for additional visits is a true testimonial to your skills. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great patience, understanding, and professional approach to my dental health.”


“Before I chose Dr. Steve as my dentist, I knew I wasn’t receiving the “best” of dental care. So many of my friends, including my good friend, Bob Ferzocco, told me how great Dr. Steve was, I decided to see for myself. I never realized how high-tech dentistry has become. I never realized how my past dentists were in the dark ages. “Dentistry at its finest” is what Dr. Steve delivers. I always want the best, that’s why I see Dr. Steve.”


“My name is Greg Zlevor and I am a communications consultant. Over the years, I have worked and lectured to thousands of dentists. Working with so many dentists, I felt self-conscious about my smile. I wanted to have a smile that I would have complete confidence in. When it came to finding a dentist for myself, I asked around. Many dentists and dental experts recommended Dr. Matarazzo. I am so happy they did. I recommend everyone I know to his office. A great smile and years of a healthy mouth are my true testament. My smile looks as good today as the day Dr. Steve completed it, 10 years ago in 1997. I just wish I had Dr. Matarazzo, do it sooner.”


“I have known Dr. Steve for over 20 years as my dentist and good friend. I trust him completely. Taking care of my health has always been a top priority. My smile has always been a big part of that. In my business, I come in contact with business owners every day. I always notice the ones with beautiful teeth and smiles. 1 never forget the ones with horrible smiles. Those smiles are etched in my mind. I know many executives that have not “moved up the ladder” as fast as they could have because of their appearance. I know this as a fact. Go see my dentist, Dr. Steve, he’ll give you a “perfect” smile”!”


“My job position requires me to travel from Boston to Japan and to British Columbia. Dr. Steve has been always able to plan and schedule my treatment in such a way that I don’t have to worry about having dental problems while I am far from home. I still haven’t completed all my dental treatment because of time and travel constraints. At other dental offices I felt pressured to proceed with treatment. Dr. Steve knows my travel concerns and has not tried to push me to start. He knows that when “my time” is right, I’ll give the green light. I can’t wait to get my new smile. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for it.”


“Dr. Steve has been my dentist since 1997. My appearance is important to my success, and I just like to “look good”. Dr. Steve always tells me, “Mark, you’re our best dressed patient!” Dr. Steve gave me the choice to be in control of my dental health. Growing up, I had no choices. I like being able to correct my dental problems from the past. Dr. Steve is the best!”


“I am a cardiac surgeon. I liked the way Dr. Matarazzo answered all my questions regarding my needs for periodontal care. I wanted the most predictable and longest lasting treatment available to me. It was easy to understand that for me, both non-surgical and surgical treatment were necessary to ensure success. I wanted to finish my treatment and not have to worry that something wasn’t right. I recommend all my friends and colleagues to Dr. Steve.”


“I have known Dr. Steve since 1986. 1 wouldn’t trust anyone else with my smile. My business travels bring me to Europe on a regular basis. I see how a horrible smile can affect your appearance and in my business, Pepsi is for “the young generation”. I need Dr. Steve to keep my smile young.”


“For years I was afraid of going to the dentist. Finally, l just got fed up with the way I looked. I had to do something about my smile. Now that I have my new smile, and I look back, the visits were easy and painless. There wasn’t even nearly the number of visits I had expected. I had worried about nothing. Everyone always tells me how my smile is perfect, and it is. Thanks Dr. Steve.”

Amy F. - Review for Dr. Stephen Matarazzo

“Dr Steve is one of the most talented and I hard working dentists in Boston! We love him!!”

Susan P. - Review for Dr. Stephen Matarazzo

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Matarazzo for almost 30 yrs and have had quite a bit of dental work done in that time. Steve and his staff have been nothing short of outstanding.”

Alex J. - Review for Dr. Stephen Matarazzo

“5 Stars. Dr Steve and his team have maintained my teeth for over 15 years. They have always provided top quality dentistry using the latest techniques and technologies, but what sets them apart is the attention to detail. They truly care about their patients and it shows. Thanks Dr Steve!”

Alexander J. - Review for Dr. Stephen Matarazzo

“Since writing my initial review 4 years ago I have continued to be impressed with the care I receive here. Dr Steve and his team have maintained my teeth for over 15 years. They have always provided top quality dentistry using the latest techniques and technologies, but what sets them apart is the attention to detail. They truly care about their patients and it shows.

Jen W. - Review for Dr. Stephen Matarazzo

“I recently visited the office for a cleaning, and for a dental phobic like me that’s a huge step.

Joanne was great at scheduling me for an early morning time,  and once I checked in I was able to chat with Dr. Matarrazo briefly to go over my concerns and history. He was very personable and it was good to meet him even if I wasn’t seeing him that day. The cleaning was done by Dawn and she was very friendly and thorough. Overall I felt very comfortable there and while I don’t exactly look forward to getting more work done, I feel like i made a good choice in this practice.

They advertise having DVDs to watch while you are in the chair and an extensive library of music and movies. I’ll update this review once I can speak to more services, but on a first visit I was definitely satisfied with the team.”


“I was Dr. Matarazzo’s first patient, when he was fresh out of dental school, in 1978, and here we are, now 37 years later, and he is still my dentist. I have always felt confident in his services and recommendations. I needed a lot of dental work when I first became his patient, and, I was very concerned about the future of my teeth. With his immediate attention, my teeth were saved and the problems I was facing (and some of them were quite major) were solved. In the intervening years (many of them!), I have been well-served by the entire staff and I have not had as much as a toothache in that period. Thank you, Dawn, Krista, Joanne and Steve……..”

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