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Dr. Matarazzo will ensure that they have a low anxiety level and are calm and comfortable.

Anxiety and fear is a common obstacle for many patients that visit a dental office. Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D. is focused on ensuring patients have a positive experience in his office. With the incorporation of sedation dentistry, he is able to help patients overcome their fears and anxieties that make them uncomfortable when visiting the dentist. Patients of all ages can experience these dental anxieties, and sedation dentistry can help. 

The most popular form of sedation dentistry is oral conscious sedation. Dr. Matarazzo discusses administration of this medication with his patients well before their initial appointment. Patients are able to sit with their dentist to discuss their fears, and give Dr. Matarazzo a thorough picture of how the dental chair affects their anxiety. Patients are given time to talk about past experiences they may have had, problems that have occurred, and how they may even feel as though dentistry has let them down. By communicating with the doctor, many patients find that they are able to connect and build trust with him and his staff, and may need an even lower dose of oral sedation to get them through the appointment comfortably.

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Dr. Matarazzo has been trained and is experienced in providing safe and effective sedation dentistry. He follows strict protocols when providing sedation. He conducts an evaluation of a patient and their medical needs and history, as well as possible conflicts with medications they are currently taking. He effectively reduces the anxiety level to the point where the patient can get through a dental appointment calmly. It is required that the patient arrange for someone to drive them to and from their appointment. 

Before the patient begins their appointment, Dr. Matarazzo will ensure that they have a low anxiety level and are calm and comfortable. Once relaxed, he will administer local anesthetic and start the procedure, knowing that his patient is ready and prepared for their treatment without debilitating fears.

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Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D., P.C.
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“I am a cardiac surgeon. I liked the way Dr. Matarazzo answered all my questions regarding my needs for periodontal care. I wanted the most predictable and longest lasting treatment available to me. It was easy to understand that for me, both non-surgical and surgical treatment were necessary to ensure success. I wanted to finish my treatment and not have to worry that something wasn’t right. I recommend all my friends and colleagues to Dr. Steve.”

If you are interested in learning more about oral conscious sedation dentistry and how Dr. Matarazzo can use it to ease your concerns, call today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn the benefits that sedation dentistry can provide! 

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