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Laser dentistry is a wonderful service that dentists can offer patients. It allows patients to go through pain-free appointments, and can eliminate a lot of the concerns associated with visiting the dentist. Anxieties and fears are gone when a patient knows that their periodontal gum treatment will be done with a special laser, and that the dentist’s drill will be replaced with a specialized water pulse device that can address cavities without the noise, heat, and vibration. Here are two of the primary treatments offered as laser dentistry in the practice of Dr. Stephen Matarazzo

Periodontal Gum Treatments

Approximately 75 percent of Americans deal with some form of periodontal disease. While traditional ways of addressing this condition required surgery, now patients can enjoy the benefit of laser dentistry for their periodontal gum treatments. Laser treatments are typically done without the need for Novocain, and can be much less invasive. There are no sutures, cutting, or blades, and treatment will look much more natural afterwards. Laser dentistry reduces the need for surgical flap procedures, and can even help change the shape of the bone supporting the teeth without surgery. This new technology is a wonderful way for dentists to provide more reliable, effective, and less painful treatments. 

What Our Patients Say About Us

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“My job position requires me to travel from Boston to Japan and to British Columbia. Dr. Steve has been always able to plan and schedule my treatment in such a way that I don’t have to worry about having dental problems while I am far from home. I still haven’t completed all my dental treatment because of time and travel constraints. At other dental offices I felt pressured to proceed with treatment. Dr. Steve knows my travel concerns and has not tried to push me to start. He knows that when “my time” is right, I’ll give the green light. I can’t wait to get my new smile. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for it.”

Cavities and Fillings

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At Dr. Stephen Matarazzo’s practice, you won’t hear the sound of a drill, either! With drill-less dentistry, patients can enjoy going to the dentist without having to worry about the sound, smell, and sight of a traditional dentist’s drill. With a specialized technological device that delivers a strong water pulse, patients can avoid the drill and enjoy this alternative treatment option. Since patients do not need to be numbed for this treatment, they can avoid the feeling and consequences of a numb lip and mouth for the rest of the day. Patients can schedule their appointment for the middle of the day without the lingering aftereffects of traditional drilling. Additionally, they can save themselves the fears and anxieties that are associated with the dentist’s drill! 

If you are ready for a dental office with a state-of-the-art treatment facility and laser devices, call the practice of Dr. Stephen Matarazzo today to schedule your initial consultation appointment and find out the benefits of laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry. 

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Why Waterlase Dentistry™?

Doctors have used lasers for years to provide better care for their patients – in LASIK vision correction, for removing skin blemishes, and in all kinds of surgery. Now, thanks to your dentist, you can benefit from advanced laser technology for your dental care, with Waterlase Dentistry.
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Is Waterlase Dentistry™ Safe?

Waterlase Dentistry™ is one of the most advanced dental technologies available today. It was developed by BIOLASE Technology, the leader in dental lasers. BIOLASE dental lasers have been used to treat millions of patients.
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What can Waterlase Dentistry™ Do?

Waterlase MD, C100 or Earlier Waterlase Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers Waterlase Dentistry can be used for many types of dental restorations, including:
  • Class I, II, III, IV and V cavity preparation
  • Caries removal
  • Hard tissue surface roughening or etching
  • Enameloplasty, excavation of pits and fissures for placement of sealants
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