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Water laser means no drill used in cavity filling in Quincy dental office

Water laser means no drill used in cavity filling

Comfort in dentistry. That is what you’ll find with at the offices of Dr. Stephen Matarazzo of Quincy Smile Center. Comfort abounds in our plush office surroundings with electronic entertainment via HD TVs, DVD movies, Bose headphones, and our Internet café reception area while you wait. Warm blankets, aroma therapy, massage chairs, and snacks give your surroundings almost a spa-like feel. With amenities like these, a visit to the dental office becomes much more appealing.

When it comes to comfort with the procedures, this is where most would fall by the wayside – but not Quincy Smile Center. With the innovative use of the Waterlase laser, our practice joins an elite group of dental practices who now offer drill-less dentistry. The fear and anxiety is eliminated along with the sounds and sights that once brought dread. The Waterlase laser combines laser energy and water and can be used in many dental procedures. Due to the lack of heat and pressure associated with the old dental drill, many procedures will require little to no anesthesia for patients. Not only is the drill gone; quite possibly, so is the needle! No need to wait for the numbing to take effect before a procedure; and without the needle, the lingering numbness from local anesthesia for the rest of the day is no longer a concern.

The water laser also provides benefits in filling cavities. It is more precise, so decay can be targeted and healthy portions of a tooth are left undisturbed. The preservation of natural teeth is always preferred and the water laser allows this to be possible. An added benefit may include the condition of the tooth when prepared for filling with the Waterlase. It is believed that the bonded fillings have a stronger bond with the tooth when prepared with this method.

To experience the difference for yourself, call the offices of Dr. Stephen Matarazzo and Quincy Smile Center today. Our innovations in care aren’t limited to this one technology. We offer many high-quality procedures and tools to ensure the greatest comfort to our clients while still delivering outstanding results. We get to know you and your needs; meeting them with quality preventive, restorative, and cosmetic solutions in a most compassionate manner.

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