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Swap out the drill for a water laser cavity filling from your dentist in the Quincy, MA area

Swap out the drill for a water laser cavity filling

Lasers have been utilized in many aspects of dentistry for several decades. As the method becomes more popular, more and more dentists are choosing to utilize the laser for some common dental procedures. For patients, laser dentistry may cut down on the pain, reduce the need for anesthesia, minimize side effects such as bleeding or swelling, and may help anxious patients overcome some dental fear.

When it comes to addressing a cavity, the traditional method involves needles, local anesthetic, and the drill. When laser technology is used for a filling, a large majority of patients can undergo the procedure without the need for any local anesthetic.

So, how does it work?

During the procedure, the focused laser beam is directed at the area of decay. The laser heats up the water molecules in the tooth to allow the decay to become dislodged and removed. Water and air is used to keep the tooth cool and because of the focused beam, the healthy enamel and dentin remain intact. Once the decay has been removed and the tooth has been disinfected, the filling material can be placed into the tooth.

In addition to filling cavities, laser technology can also be used in the treatment of other hard and soft tissue procedures. For patients with periodontal disease, it can reduce bleeding and swelling. Lasers can also be used for gum re-contouring, bone grafts, and root canals.

For patients with anxiety about the dentist, laser technology can help ease them back into the dental chair. There is no loud or high-pitched noises and vibration of the drill. This is especially important for patients who are fearful of the sights and sounds during a dental procedure. Additionally, the elimination of local anesthetic helps patients who are fearful of needles.

When it comes to treating patients, Dr. Matarazzo focuses on providing treatment options that improve oral health and are comfortable for the patient. Laser dentistry for cavity fillings and other restorations is just another way he continues to deliver high-quality care to patients in the Quincy, MA area. To learn more, please call us today.

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