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Don’t settle for less than a designer smile in Quincy

Dr. Steven Matarazzo doing Smile Makeover

Dr. Steven Matarazzo is one of the most recognizable names in cosmetic dentistry in Quincy and beyond. He is known as a premier smile designer with innate artistic talent and an impressive educational background.

What makes a smile makeover from Dr. Matarazzo different?

The simplest and most common way to approach a smile makeover is to identify specific problems, and then correct them. This method can transform your smile from unattractive to acceptable, but it will never take it to the next level.

Dr. Matarazzo begins by learning what you really want your smile to look like, and then creating a plan to make that vision a reality. His goal is beyond correcting flaws to crafting a smile that lights up your face, lights up a room, turns heads, and makes people say, “Wow!”

The art and science of smile design

Although executing a smile design often involves advanced technology and sophisticated techniques, the most important part of the process is a very basic concept – conversation. Dr. Matarazzo will take the time to listen, ask the right questions, review photos with you, and help you define exactly what you want.

A few of the things he will ask you to consider include:

    • Color – Do you want to restore your natural shade of white, or would you like your smile brighter than it ever was?
    • Shape – Do you prefer the softer appearance of slightly rounded teeth, or the bolder appearance of more angular teeth?
    • Gums – Are you happy with the way your smile is framed? Would you like to see more or less gum tissue?
  • Overall effect – Are you seeking a youthful, playful smile? Do you prefer the appearance of a sophisticated, mature smile?

You deserve a smile that is customized to fit your style. Call (617) 405-3939 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matarazzo.

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