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Patients in Quincy, MA ask, “Do full dentures look real?”

Dentures in Quincy MA

Many patients in Quincy, MA who are faced with the reality of tooth loss are often worried about how natural their chosen restorations will look in their smile. While full dentures are a common consideration for many of our patients at the practice of Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo, men and women often ask, “Do dentures look real?”

The answer to this is yes! Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo understands the importance of natural-looking repairs to the smile. He knows that imperfections and fake-looking false teeth can be detrimental to the appearance of the smile. Therefore, he ensures he is providing quality dentures that look and function like natural teeth.

What are full dentures?

Full dentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth, either on the top, bottom, or sometimes both. These dentures are fabricated using high quality acrylics that are made to match the existing teeth to get a proper balance in appearance and ensure a natural look. This is incredibly important to us and our patients who are worried about the look of false teeth. It is essential that patients know that our practice uses materials that are far superior to the dentures your grandparents used to wear!

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How long does it take to get used to wearing a full denture?

Full dentures do require some time for adjustment. Wearing full dentures does feel different from eating and speaking with your natural teeth. However, with a good fit, these dentures function properly, and patients will adjust to how they feel and work. We encourage our patients to take time to allow their mouth to adapt to the dentures for optimum results.

How should I take care of my full dentures?

  • Full dentures should be maintained properly to extend their longevity.
  • Full dentures should be brought to each dental appointment to check fit and function.
  • Full dentures should be cleaned every day, either with brushing and soaking in denture cleaning solutions.
  • Full dentures should not be used to chew hard objects such as pens or ice cubes to avoid breakage.
  • Full dentures should be replaced or relined when they begin to fit poorly in the mouth, as this can cause sores and discomfort for the patient.

Should I consider implant-supported dentures?

When patients have dentures, and they are worried about how well they will maintain their stability, they may want to think about the advantages of using implant-supported dentures. Instead of using natural suction or dental adhesives to keep their dentures in place, they can achieve optimum stability with the use of several dental implants placed along the arch to anchor their restoration. This is a terrific way to provide the strength needed to enjoy one’s favorite foods.

Will everyone know I’m wearing dentures?

Do dentures last foreverThanks to the high-quality materials used by Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo in developing and fabricating full dentures, patients don’t have to worry about their dental restorations standing out as an unnatural restoration. We focus on making sure the dentures match natural teeth for seamless integration. We can make sure your dentures are a secret that no one else needs to know!

Do dentures last forever?

Dentures, like other restorations, will not last forever. However, with proper care and maintenance, many of our patients can enjoy their dentures for many years before needing adjustment or replacement. This may be due to changes in the bone structure of the jaw over time.

How do I learn more about full dentures?

At the practice of Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo, patients have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Full dentures are just one of many solutions that can be considered by our patients. If you are interested in reaching out to a dental professional to discuss the advantages of using dentures for restoration, call our practice today at (617) 405-3939. Our facility, located at 300 Crown Colony Drive, is equipped with many of the best materials and quality devices to provide exceptional dental services. We welcome patients to our practice to learn about ways to rejuvenate the function, appearance, and health of their smiles.

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Stephen J. Matarazzo, DMD, FICOI

Dr. Stephen Matarazzo is passionate about life-changing, “big problem” dentistry with an eye on premiere services such as smile makeovers, implant dentistry, full-mouth rehabilitation, and complete dentures.

A graduate of Boston College and Tufts School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Matarazzo has served Quincy-area patients since 1978. A Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the father of three has attended the distinguished Misch International Implant Institute. Dr. Matarazzo also learned from the “best”; advanced training at The LD Pankey Institute refined his exceptional skills in creating long-lasting, natural-looking, and healthy-functioning smiles. With a passion for complex and challenging cases, Dr. Matarazzo maintains membership with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS).

A published author, Dr. Matarazzo dedicates his time and talent to resolve dental disease and decay among patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, as untreated oral infections are associated with stem cell and bone marrow transplant failures.