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The solution to denture problems: a better fitting appliance from your Quincy Dentist

Full Dentures From Quincy Dentist Dr. Matarazzo

In generations past, denture problems were quite common. Fortunately, that is no longer the case with today’s advanced techniques and technology. Dr. Matarazzo of Quincy, MA uses the latest advanced techniques, coupled with the wisdom of experience and meticulous attention to detail, to create dentures that are truly lifelike, beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

Signs that your dentures do not fit properly

A poorly fitting denture can cause many problems besides slipping or feeling loose. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Difficulty chewing – When dentures fit well and stay in place, they serve the same function as natural teeth.
  • Difficulty speaking clearly – The position of the tongue against teeth is essential for the formation of certain sounds.
  • Jaw pain – Denture teeth, just like natural teeth, must be properly aligned for optimal function.
  • Food debris inside the denture – If the appliance fits snugly, there should be little to no food between the denture plate and gums.
  • Mouth sores and infection – Loose dentures may slip and slide around, causing friction related sores.

Reline or redesign?

Many dentists recommend relining dentures that no longer fit. However, if your dentures always have been uncomfortable or unnatural looking, it is time to discover the difference that a premier appliance from Dr. Matarazzo can make:

  • Begin with an in-depth discussion of your goals, preferences, and concerns.
  • Precise impression techniques create a denture that does not inhibit muscle movement or relaxation. Eat what you want and smile with confidence.
  • Dentures are designed using advanced principles of cosmetic dentistry for a beautiful, natural looking result.
  • Dr. Matarazzo is certified in the Geneva 2000® Denture Concept and Denture Fountain of YouthTM.

Wearing dentures doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort or the appearance of your smile. Call us at (617) 405-3939 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Matarazzo.

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