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Dental Implants Quincy - Testimonial Video 05 Patients who have lost teeth want to reconstruct their smile and enjoy the benefits of chewing, speaking, and biting efficiently. Thanks to Dr. Matarazzo and his team, patients can come to his practice to receive a myriad of cosmetic and general dentistry treatments. One commonly requested procedure by patients with missing teeth is that of dental implants.

Dental Implants Quincy - Testimonial Video 11 Dental implants are wonderful restorations used to replace missing teeth or to use with full dentures for better placement. These titanium cylinders are surgically placed into the jawbone by Dr. Stephen Matarazzo and are made to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. They can replace missing teeth after the placement of a matching dental crown, or they can be used to hold dentures securely in place. Implant-supported dentures are a great way to improve the fit and function for denture-wearers who desire a well-fitting denture.

Dental Implants Quincy - Testimonial Video 02 Dr. Matarazzo attended the Misch Surgical Implant Institute, and he is a fellowship member of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. He has the experience and expertise to place dental implants effectively for patients without referring.

Dr. Matarazzo offers same day teeth. This is done by placing crowns on top of the dental implants and having the implants ready for placement when teeth are extracted. As soon as a natural tooth is removed, this implant is placed with the ready-made crown on top, allowing patients the opportunity to maintain a beautiful smile even when extractions and restorations are required.

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Dr. Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D., P.C.
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" I have a very active lifestyle. Between flying, dog sledding, and mountain climbing, I can't experience problems with my teeth. Dr. Steve has rehabilitated my entire mouth. My smile is so strong, that my front teeth were hit directly with a hockey puck. Not one porcelain crown broke. Not one tooth fractured under the crowns. My smile is as awesome as the day Dr. Steve finished it. Thanks Dr. Steve! "

Dental implants are also placed to help stabilize and strengthen dentures. Anywhere from two to six implants may be placed in a dental arch, and full dentures are made to snap into place with these implants. This can provide substantial strength and stability to dentures and keep them from slipping or falling out of the mouth.

Dental implants are amazing restorations that can help patients rejuvenate their smile. They are affordable, long lasting, and provide many benefits for those who consider using them in their smile. Dr. Stephen Matarazzo is committed to offering cosmetic treatments that can give him the ability to change patients' smiles, and their lives!

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