Are smile makeovers worth it? Quincy area dentist says yes!

Quincy Smile Makeover

Quincy, MA patients who are ready to achieve a new smile are often welcome to speak with Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo about the advantages of a smile makeover. What is a smile makeover? Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo describes the smile makeover as a complete transformation of the teeth and sometimes gum tissues to achieve a more attractive appearance. This Is achieved by combining a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures into one treatment plan to make a dramatic change. What treatments are included in a smile makeover? Patients considering a smile makeover may have some of the following services in their … Continue reading

Can implants for replacement of teeth get infected? Ask a dentist in Quincy, MA

Teeth Implant Dentist in Quincy

When missing teeth are a concern, dental implants can be a solution! Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo is a dentist in Quincy, MA who provides patients with solutions for enhancing their smiles. This includes restoration when tooth loss occurs. Dental implants are a wonderful option for patients considering permanent replacement of missing teeth, or for those who are interested in anchoring restorations such as dentures. Dental implants explained The best way to describe a dental implant is as a metal post that functions as a tooth root replacement. When a tooth is missing, the dental implant can be placed into the … Continue reading

Full mouth rehabilitation services available to patients in the Quincy, MA area

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Quincy MA

When patients have several issues present in their smiles, they may need to speak to a Quincy, MA area dentist about the benefits of working with a professional to achieve a more attractive smile. With services such as full mouth rehabilitation, patients can enjoy a beautiful smile regardless of how many concerns they are dealing with. Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo and his team work with patients to develop a treatment plan that combines restorative services for optimum results. What is full mouth rehabilitation? Full mouth rehabilitation, sometimes referred to as a smile makeover, is a complete transformation of the teeth … Continue reading

Patients in Quincy, MA ask, “Do full dentures look real?”

Dentures in Quincy MA

Many patients in Quincy, MA who are faced with the reality of tooth loss are often worried about how natural their chosen restorations will look in their smile. While full dentures are a common consideration for many of our patients at the practice of Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo, men and women often ask, “Do dentures look real?” The answer to this is yes! Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo understands the importance of natural-looking repairs to the smile. He knows that imperfections and fake-looking false teeth can be detrimental to the appearance of the smile. Therefore, he ensures he is providing quality … Continue reading

Are laser treatments by Quincy, MA area dentist safe?

Laser Therapy , Stephen J. Matarazzo, DMD, FICOI

Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo of Quincy, MA is a dedicated dental professional who proudly invests into his practice to provide the best, most modern solutions for dental care. He offers laser treatments that can be used for the treatment of periodontal disease. Are laser treatment safe? Yes! When performed in the hands of an experienced professional such as Dr. Stephen J. Matarazzo, patients will know they are with the best care possible! Laser treatment is great technology that provides less painful treatments and more precise treatment of infections such as periodontal disease. This is why it is the first defense … Continue reading

Do I need to seek emergency dental care near me for a missing crown or filling?

seek emergency dental care near me for a missing crown or filling

For years, amalgam was the most common material used for dental fillings. You can tell if you have an amalgam filling by its silver color. Teeth that are particularly weak, possibly due to trauma or advanced decay may need a crown, which can strengthen and stabilize the tooth. Both of these restorations are common and while the majority of people don’t experience problems with them, there are situations that can cause either a filling or crown to loosen or fall out. The good news is that with prompt treatment from an emergency dentist near you, the situation can be handled. … Continue reading

Quincy Dentist offers non-surgical gum disease treatment

non-surgical gum disease treatment

If you are diagnosed with periodontitis, more commonly known as gum disease, Quincy dentist Dr. Steve Matarazzo’s treatment protocol incorporates innovative laser dentistry techniques as a first course of action. Root planing, scaling, and antimicrobials is the trifecta Dr. Matarazzo has found to be most effective in preserving teeth and gums. These procedures are essentially a deep, intense cleaning performed by the dentist or hygienist targeted at the source of periodontal disease: at or below the gum line. Although advanced gum disease is not reversible, these procedures can suspend gum disease’s progression by scrubbing away the damaged tissue, clearing hardened … Continue reading

Stephen Matarazzo D.M.D. is your partner for optimal oral health

partner for optimal oral health

Finding a dentist who you feel comfortable with, and trusting of, is important to creating your very best smile. It is in your dentist’s office that your immediate dental needs are handled, and dental problems prevented. Without a comfortable, trusting relationship, you may find that you avoid making necessary check-up appointments. This habit, in the end, only leads to an increased risk of complex issues such as infection and gum disease. With the goal of creating a trusting doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Matarazzo takes steps to communicate clearly with each patient after carefully listening to their goals and concerns. One way … Continue reading

Laser Dentistry from your Quincy Dentist is the next wave in delivering pain-free periodontal treatment

delivering pain-free periodontal treatment

Lasers are replacing scalpels as the instrument of choice to treat advanced periodontal disease. They are a more precise, less invasive method of vaporizing damaged gum tissue and give patients a no-cut, no-stitch procedure with a shorter, virtually pain-free recovery. For those reasons, Quincy dentist, Dr. Matarazzo, is a leading proponent of reaching for the laser rather than the scalpel to treat periodontal disease. Estimates show that close to 80% of Americans have varying degrees of gum disease, many without accompanying physical symptoms. Without regular dental preventive care, patients can be unaware of the ravages taking place beneath their gum … Continue reading

Swap out the drill for a water laser cavity filling from your dentist in the Quincy, MA area

Swap out the drill for a water laser cavity filling

Lasers have been utilized in many aspects of dentistry for several decades. As the method becomes more popular, more and more dentists are choosing to utilize the laser for some common dental procedures. For patients, laser dentistry may cut down on the pain, reduce the need for anesthesia, minimize side effects such as bleeding or swelling, and may help anxious patients overcome some dental fear. When it comes to addressing a cavity, the traditional method involves needles, local anesthetic, and the drill. When laser technology is used for a filling, a large majority of patients can undergo the procedure without … Continue reading

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