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Are You Looking for Full Dentures That Are Not Like Your Grandparents Dentures?

Best Dentist Near Me for Dentures in Quincy MA Area

If you are missing teeth, it does not have to mean the end of your smile. It has been estimated that somewhere around 178 million Americans are affected by missing teeth. You do not have to be one part of that statistic. There are options available to you! Dr. Stephen Matarazzo and his team at the Quincy Smile Center in Quincy, MA offer dentures. If you are in the area and have wondered “Who is the best dentist near me for dentures?”, then look no further.

As the number of Americans with missing teeth has increased, dentistry has had to keep up with a continuous evolution of tooth replacement products. Dentures have seen significant advancements in recent years. The dentures offered by Dr. Matarazzo are not the dentures of yesteryear that you remember seeing your grandparents wear.

A Brief History

In the past, replacing missing teeth was quite difficult. You could create makeshift teeth out of natural materials to create a makeshift smile. It was the ancient Egyptians who began to reuse human teeth and place gold wire to fill gaps. Tribes in Mexico would use animal teeth (wolves in particular) to replace their lost teeth. The oldest known pair of dentures came from the Japanese in the 16th century. Historical documents state that these dentures were created from wood taken from a Japanese BBoxtree Wood would become the main material used in teeth replacement well into the 1800s. Ivory is another material that was experimented with, but it was found to be easily stained and they smelled terrible. Experimentation on materials continued until acrylic resin was finally settled upon in the first half of the 1900s. This material was perfect as it was inexpensive, strong, not unpleasant looking or smelling, and could be repaired easily.

Dentures of Today

Acrylic resin is still the most popular material used in the construction of modern dentures. The concept of denture has not changed much over the years. A denture is made of artificial teeth and gums with the purpose of replacing missing teeth. Modern dentures can come as partial dentures, for patients who are missing just a few teeth, or full dentures, meant for patients who need all teeth in an arch replaced.

Once you decide on partial or full dentures, then you can decide if you want them to be removable or fixed. Removable dentures are easily put in and taken out of the mouth and need to be cleaned every night. Fixed dentures are held in place permanently by dental implants.

The Denture Fountain of Youth

Dr. Stephen Matarazzo is the only dentist in Massachusetts who has been certified in Denture Fountain of Youth. Dr. Matarazzo crafts his patient’s dentures himself and is one of the most trusted members of the dental community anywhere in doing so. He has become such a master at his craft that dentists from across the nation come to seminars put on by Dr. Matarazzo on crafting dentures.

The Denture Fountain of Youth technique is one that offers superior comfort and customization. Dentures created by Dr. Matarazzo are guaranteed to function better, fit better, and feel better for all while providing a youthful and vibrant look. These really are some of the best dentures you are going to fund anywhere.

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When you visit Dr. Matarazzo, you will provide some information and answer some questions that allow the clarification of what denture problems exist for you, how these problems are impacting your life, and how to determine which treatment method is best for you.

If you are in the Quincy, MA area and have been looking for a denture solution that you can have the utmost confidence in, then you need to look no further than Dr. Stephen Matarazzo and his team. Dr. Matarazzo wants you to walk away from this experience with dentures that will last you a lifetime and that you will not be ashamed of. There are options out there for people looking for dentures. Let Dr. Matarazzo and his team help. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Matarazzo, please call (617) 405-3939.

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Stephen J. Matarazzo, DMD, FICOI

Stephen J. Matarazzo, DMD, FICOI

Dr. Stephen Matarazzo is passionate about life-changing, “big problem” dentistry with an eye on premiere services such as smile makeovers, implant dentistry, full-mouth rehabilitation, and complete dentures.

A graduate of Boston College and Tufts School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Matarazzo has served Quincy-area patients since 1978. A Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, the father of three has attended the distinguished Misch International Implant Institute. Dr. Matarazzo also learned from the “best”; advanced training at The LD Pankey Institute refined his exceptional skills in creating long-lasting, natural-looking, and healthy-functioning smiles. With a passion for complex and challenging cases, Dr. Matarazzo maintains membership with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS).

A published author, Dr. Matarazzo dedicates his time and talent to resolve dental disease and decay among patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, as untreated oral infections are associated with stem cell and bone marrow transplant failures.