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Dental implants from your Quincy Dentist offer several benefits

Dental implants from your Quincy Dentist

If your smile has been impacted by embarrassing gaps, or you are tired of the instability of poorly fitting restorations, dental implants may be the ideal solution. Dr. Stephen Matarazzo has provided dental implants to patients in Quincy and beyond for several years, even restoring smiles in a single visit.

Throughout history, dating back to ancient times, various types of dental implants have been regularly used. The models and methods used today have been in development for over three decades. In just the past twenty years, dental implants have become widely known. Now, more patients are requesting implants rather than conventional tooth replacement treatments, such as dental bridges and dentures. There are several reasons implants are viewed as superior to standard options.


The difference in total comfort is especially noticed in situations where all teeth need replacing. Dentures are designed to sit on top of the gums, held in place with natural suction. Some people apply denture adhesive for added stability. Still, conventional dentures lack the stability natural teeth have. As such, denture wearers report discomfort from slipping and rubbing against gum tissue. Dentures can also slip out of place, causing embarrassment.

Dental implants are situated within the jawbone, where they become fused to healthy bone. The anchor created in this process is similar to the connection between natural teeth and the jaw. Secured by bone, implants remain firmly in place, making them an excellent accompaniment to a denture appliance, in addition to a top choice for individual tooth replacement.


Dr. Matarazzo, backed by extensive training and years of experience, creates dental implant restorations that look like natural teeth. Whether you are replacing a single tooth or all teeth, your smile will look uniquely you, as it should.


Natural teeth are tethered to the jawbone through their roots. Dental implants, with their titanium cylindrical posts, mimic this natural design. The hidden benefit of implants is that the structure of the jawbone is preserved. Teeth and bone tissue are mutually supportive, with bone tissue in the jaw relying on stimulation from tooth roots. Dentures and dental bridges lack the structure to stimulate bone tissue, leading to resorption, in which the jaw gradually shrinks. Stimulated by dental implants, jaw structure remains healthy and intact.

Tooth replacement is about more than restoring a natural-looking smile. Dental implants can closely mimic every aspect of natural tooth structure. Contact us today for your consultation with implant dentist Dr. Matarazzo.


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